Baffin Inuit Art

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For thousands of years, art has been a way for indigenous populations to express their culture and heritage, and is admired throughout the world as a beautiful expression of nature and life. In many cultures, including the Inuit (Eskimo) of Cape Dorset on Baffin Island, in the Nunavut territory, art is a way to tell the stories and keep alive the traditions from one generation to the next. The visual forms of Inuit art are preserved as an important piece of history and tradition at the Baffin Inuit Art Galleries.

Baffin Inuit Art Galleries specialises in preserving, presenting, and offering the exclusive sculptures from the indigenous population at Cape Dorset on Baffin Island, a part of Canada’s high arctic region.

Our galleries include unique, one-of-a-kind sculptures hand-carved by Inuit artists in soap stone, or serpentine, and each comes with a certificate of authenticity from the Canadian Government, also called an “Igloo tag”. These sculptures are more than just decorative pieces, however, they reflect the deep connections that indigenous people have to one another, past generations, the land and nature, as well as a spiritual connection to the earth. These beautiful sculptures make great corporate gifts for visiting dignitaries, retirement, employee appreciations and more.

Baffin Island: A Land of Extremes

In the extreme northeast corner of Canada, right in the middle of the Arctic wilderness, lies Baffin Island. Even further to the northeast, across the Davis Strait, lies the island of Greenland and a view of some of the most spectacular glaciers and ice-capped mountains in the world.

The craggy rocks of Baffin Island form towers and spires, rock walls, and overhangs made of granite that tempt climbers from all over the world. The most avid climbers seek out the peaks of Cumberland Peninsula, most of which are inside the Auyuittuq National Park. To get there, you pass through a small coastal Inuit (Eskimo) settlement called Pangnirtung, then on to the mountains by boat, dog sled, float-planes, or ski planes.

Highlighting the Artwork

Since 1987 Baffin Art Galleries has brought the intricate artwork and sculpture from the Baffin Island Eskimos to the world, highlighting its exceptional quality and the hand-carved care that goes into every piece. The majority of their artwork reflects the wilderness and environment of Baffin Island, with objects such as whale, narwhale, seal, walrus, bear, dog, wolf, fox, bird, loon, owl, eagle, falcon, inukshuk, fish, shaman, hunter, mother and baby, and more. However, since each piece is individually crafted, we may also be able to make special requests to the artists for a particular piece—if you have something in mind, please let us know.

Experience the Art

To see the magnificent artwork, visit one of Baffin Art Galleries’ two locations, one in Montreal and the other in Toronto. Not only do we carry a wide selection of the highest quality, most unique Inuit artwork, we also purchase directly from the Inuit artists, saving a significant amount of money—savings that we can pass along to our clients.

Baffin Inuit Art Galleries have two great locations to serve you: one in Montreal and the other in Toronto.