Baffin Inuit Art
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Inuit Art ShowcaseBaffin Inuit Art Galleries was established in 1987.

For 15 years Baffin Inuit Art Galleries has brought you excellent quality Inuit
art from the south of Baffin Island (Cape Dorset, Iqaluit).

Each sculpture is hand carved and made from serpentine, renowned for its density, and is delivered with the " Igloo tag ", a certificate of authenticity
from the Government of Canada.

Our quality native artists create an endless variety of forms and subjects but typically choose objects from their environment: bears, walruses, whales,
birds, inukshuiit, narwhals, etc. And because each piece is unique, don't
hesitate to ask for advice. We'd love to have you visit one of our Galleries located in Montreal and Toronto, or shop here from our gallery online!

If you need more information email us at or call us at
(416) 931-3540

Each sculpture is hand carved and comes with a certificate of authenticity (" Igloo tag ") from the Canadian government.
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